Working board for “Scarpavapor” RIP2010

With the Scarpavapor working board you will have a comfortable workstation and increase productivity and satisfaction in your job

Working board for Scarpavapor

Here are the main features of the working table for Scarpavapor:

Support grill with bowl

Working over the grill, the dirty water ends up in the drainage tank and is then collected in the special tank. You will save time and work in a clean working condition

Perfect Visibility

The aspiration hood and the led light will let you work with greater visibility and precision

Optional liquid sunction

Possibility to add the liquid sunction (optional) to the working board

Storage compartement

opening the cabinet door, you find a useful storage compartment in which you can store the shoes




Shoe cleaning
Cleaning with working board

Support grill with bowl

Sanitization with ozone and rigeneration

Supply 220/230V 50/60Hz
Aspiration hood power 150 W
Led light   SI
Dirty water collecting tank 5 litri
Dimentions 50x44x131 Cm
Weight 35 Kg
Possibility to add liquid aspiration hose SI (Optional)
Liquid aspiration hose power 1200Watt Bistadio
Solids/liquids suction SI
Inside/outside shoes aspiration accessories Incluso con aspiraliquidi
Possibility to add a blowing hose SI, con aspiraliquidi
Possibility to install the wheels under the working board SI
Possibility do adjust the height of the aspiration hood SI
Possibility to change the opening direction of the cabinet door SI