Since 1985 – over 30 years of experience in th production of steam cleaning machines

Bieffe has been manufacturing steam generators for over 25 years. The same technology are used for all Bieffe products. Most of them are still working after many years of usage, some of them even after 20 years, our users are very satisfied with them.

All components are produced in Italy

100% of machine components are produced in italy. Our suppliers are the best in their field in Italy. The boilers and the electric resistances, the most important components, are produced inside the company under strict controls.

Internal assembly lines

All the machines are all assembled inside the Bieffe company, located in Pesaro, Italy. All products are subjected to a functional inspection. The finished products are shipped from Italy to more than 30 countries of the world.

Copper boiler

The boiler is in copper, explosion-proof material (it can not explode and, in case of possible breakdown it is not subject to a loss of components). The copper being ductile material that expands with heat, the limescale slide down from where it is easily removed thanks to the drain tap.

External electric resistance

The electric resistances are installed outside the boiler, they are not in touch with water so they cannot be ruined by the limescale.

Joints in Teflon

The electromechanical components are mounted without glue. A teflon band is used for the fittings. All the machine components can be easily dismounted and replaced.

Bieffe quality control

During the assembly all Bieffe machines are scrupulously checked and tested, so are all of its spare parts. This fact ensures safety, high quality and durability of the machines.

Spare parts available on the market

Bieffe always adapts to the customer preferences and does not use the components of particular manufacture, so all the spare parts can be easily found on the market