The steam cleaning

The steam, used in early 19th century to develop mechanical energy, is later rediscovered as a source of economic cleaning. Steam continues to induce people to new behavioral and cultural processes combining ecology, economy, safety and health.

Our success

Its success is effective cleaning and sanitizing combined with a reduction of energy consumption and of the use of detergents


Our technology is based on generating of the dry steam, heated to the temperature between 120 and 170 C°. At this temperature, the steam is able to release an incredible power that eliminates the deep dirt and micro organism without harming environment and damaging fabrics.

Three key factors

The steam acts thanks to three factors: The temperature, that is in absolute the main one; the micro residual moisture, which acts as a solvent and retains the powder residue; the pressure, which increases the cleaning effectiveness in depth.

We eliminate microbes and bacteria

La pressione e l’elevata temperatura annientano microbi, batteri e i più comuni allergeni, scongiurando il rischio di allergie e altre patologie connesse all’utilizzo di detergenti chimici.

A healthy future for new generations

Steam cleaning does not require additional chemicals to the benefit of those who are sensitive to chemicals or want to reduce the level of toxicity in their homes, especially in the presence of children.

Respect to environment and recycling

The steam cleaning reduces the water consumption compared to other cleaning methods (it is estimated the production of 1000 liters of steam per liter of water) and does not imply the use of any chemical detergent.

Why Bieffe

The components used in the manufacture of products BIEFFE are 98% recyclable and are all strictly Italian.